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Case Studies

How ProcessMetric helps streamline and measure business processes

There are countless ways ProcessMetric can help your business!

We’ve highlighted a some examples below.

Custom Manufacturing

In custom manufacturing,  you need to capture information about each job, not just about each customer. ProcessMetric can help track key information about Orders, Change Orders, Returns, and Credits that require input from multiple people like customers, vendors, and your own team members need to collaborate.  We can help streamline your customer service processes and help you better understand your customers, business partners, and internal performance.

Customer Service — Change Orders

Many businesses do a good job streamlining the “happy-path” business process.  The customer places the order, the order is shipped, billed, and payment is received.  In reality, things don’t always go to plan.  Customers can change their minds and all parties may not have the newest information.  Perhaps a dealer sales representative calls in a change request and forgets to inform the dealer’s project manager. When that happens, communication can break down, the wrong product may be shipped, and the customer may not have the best possible experience with your company.

When managing tens or even hundreds of interactions per day, a customer service person can’t possibly remember of all of the changes.  It is critical to have transparency not only with the order that they originally placed, but also for the changes that led up to what shipped was ultimately invoiced; otherwise, the finger-pointing can start and customer relations can become strained.

ProcessMetric allows for transparency and accountability, and it also tracks trends to help you understand you interactions with your customers or dealers. You may identify training opportunities or other opportunities to increase your customer service groups’ effectiveness.