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Testing Starts January 20, 2019
Testing Ends January 28, 2019
Production Release January 28, 2019



Type Section Page Description
Feature eForms Designer Field Editor Added functionality to Button field type to clone groups.  Groups can be used for features such as line items on a sales order, invoice, or Return authorization eForm.  This feature enables the form designer to create a form with the ability to add line items by cloning an existing group and appending it immediately before the button.
Bug Fix eForms Designer Field Editor For Radio Button and Drop-downs, when a list is selected, the default value list will repopulate automatically.
Bug Fix active eForm Form Fixed bug where read-only fields involved in calculations did not render properly.
Feature Settings Comapny Languages Added the functionality to select language options for company lists.  In settings, click on the company icon.  Click Company Languages on the settings menu and a list of language options with check boxes is presented.  Check the languages you wish to see in the Company Lists option within the eForm Designer.
Feature All All Added date picker control to all date fields
Feature eForms Designer Field Editor Added functionality to Assign-To field type, allowing different lists including Approver, Form Users, Company Users, User’s Department and Specific Department
Bug Fix eForms Designer All Fixed bug specific to Microsoft Edge browser that prevented navigation to the eForms Designer.
Bug Fix Settings User Fixed bug when attempting to save a new user when that user already was registered.
Feature eForms Designer Field Editor Added a Form Status control type which will track the status and/or disposition of the form (New, Submitted, In Process, Archived, Approved, Declined)