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Testing Starts June 19, 2019
Testing Ends July 9, 2019
Production Release July 9, 2019



Type Section Page Description
Feature eForm Designer Form Editor Forms can now belong in multiple groups
Feature eForm Designer Form Groups Form groups can now optionally show up in “New Eform” list accessed from Inbox.¬† Uncheck “Show in New Form list” to hide the group.
Feature eForm Designer FormGroup Form groups can now optionally be used as an inbox filter.
Feature  Inbox Form Filters The inbox can now filter eForms by form group if the group is selected as an inbox fiter in the eForm Designer.
Feature Inbox Grouping Forms can now be grouped by group in addition to form name and ungrouped.
Bug Fix Inbox Inbox A bug was fixed that, in certain circumstances, caused Internet Explorer to hang
Bug Fix active eForm Reply Fixed a bug that prevented a “Reply To” from saving and assigning the eForm in certain circumstances.
Bug Fix metrics metrics Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed an error relating to detailed reports when a subscription was not active or a user did not have access to metrics..