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Type Section Page Description
Bug Fix eFormDesigner Form Master Public form URL is now correct
Enhancement eFormDesigner Form Master Add Form Settings option called “Allow Secure Notes.” When checked, the eForm will show the option to limit notes visibility to company or department to the right of the “Add a note” section of the active eForm.
Enhancement active eForm Form Changed the notes section to only show notes. Activities such as form creation, assignments, etc. will be visibile only in the Action Detail page of an active eForm.
Enhancement Login Login Add ability to log in using Google authentication. User must have previously registered on ProcessMetric with an email account that can be authenticated with Google.
Enhancement inbox inbox Changed default filter to show all open forms, not just the forms assigned to the logged-in user.
Enhancement active eForm Form Renamed “Activity” section to “Conversation”
Enhancement active eForm Form Renamed “Save” to “Send”
Enhancement eForm Designer Lists Lists now fill in the first value automatically as the “Metrics Value” to prevent redundant typing
Enhancement eForm Designer Field Configurator Fill in the height on the text area field to prevent empty value
Enhancement eForm Designer Field Configurator When switching field-types, form now properly refreshes the fields on the field configurator
Enhancement eForm Designer & activeForm Field Configurator Added “Assign-to” field which will pin the assignment to a single person at your company. ┬áRenders as a drop-down list and automatically populates with users from your firm.
Enhancement Entire Application Navigation Added functionality to warn before navigating if there are unsaved changes to help prevent data loss.
Bug Fix Currency Application Currency fields now accept > $999,999.99 values
Enhancement eForm Designer Field Layout Text area now shows the correct height set in the field configurator
Enhancement active eForm Conversation Conversation thread will be sorted descending.  This will reduce scrolling by putting the most recent comments at the top.