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The active eForm page is the eForm you are actively editing. Like most ProcessMetric pages, it consists of a menu on the left-hand side of the screen and the content on the right.

The picture on the right shows an Employee Offboarding eForm that has been created by clicking the “New eForm” button on the myForms page. ¬†It has not been saved yet and won’t become an active process until the required fields have been filled out and the “Save” button clicked.

In this screen, you will see the eForm has been saved. The menu on the left has changed to show options for an in-process eForm. Under the Pages menu, you can pick from several pages including:

  • Attachments¬†where you can add or download files relevant to this eForm
  • Forward where you can assign the form or “carbon copy” others to include them in the collaboration
  • Action Detail where you can see the detail activities that have happened during the lifecycle of the form.

In the form body you will see an “Activity” section appears where notes and sigifincant events (such as form assignments) occur.

Finally, you will see a place where form users can exchange notes and collaborate as the eForm is process is brought to a conclusion by the form users.