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The ProcessMetric inbox page is very much like your inbox for your email.  This screen is where you can find existing eForms and start new ones.  The main part of the screen shown here is a list of existing eForms based on the search and filter criteria selected. In this view, you will know who created the form, whom the form is currently assigned to, the form’s current status, and key dates related to the form. Clicking on one of the forms will open the form and activate the active eForm page.  You’ll also notice in the upper left part of the page, there is a button called new eForm. This button will start a brand-new eForm from a list of forms that have been created by you or your company administrator.

my Forms screen shot
my Forms field data view

The inbox view also lets you peek at some of the data in the forms.  When you have many of the same form, it can help you select which form would like to work on. This view shows the field data view of the inbox page. When creating forms, up to four fields can be assigned for display in the Field Data view. In this example, an Employee Off-boarding form, we have selected the employee name, the manager’s name, the effective date of the supporting, and the department name involved. Accessing this view is as easy as clicking the field data selector under the view toolbox.

The Filters area of the myForms page helps you find forms.  Each checkbox will limit the results.  By default it will show you open forms that are assigned to you.  You will see two checkboxes loaded for “Open Forms” and “Assigned To Me”   You can show more forms by unchecking boxes or limit the forms by checking additional checkboxes.  The drop-down list will also let you just show the forms for a single form to help you narrow down the form you would like to open.

And of course you can just search for the form by entering search words into the search box above the form list.

The date filter will look within a specific date range based on when the form was created and when it was archived.

So, where to next? You can click on “New eForm” to start a new form or click on one of the existing forms, to open it.