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Who is Skyline?

We are a medium sized business with a corporate office that does the manufacturing and then sells through independent dealers. We’ve been an enterprise user of ProcessMetric since June 2019 and have used it to streamline our live and frequent communication with our 1000+ dealers and employees.

How did ProcessMetric help Skyline?

ProcessMetric helped us transition from an on-premise communication system (limited to tracking orders) to a cloud-based system in-charge of all communication we do. They:


  • Increased the background horsepower to facilitate the thousands of forms we had

  • Connected the ProcessMetric app into our ERP system (SAP)

  • Refined the features to exactly what we needed to optimize our performance

  • Established a single sign on capability so we save time when logging on

  • Added features such as a paging capability & ability to select to facilitate specific Skyline processes

The system is now at a point where the large volume of information we have is very manageable, the system is responsive and the users are happy.


How was the transition?

The transition to using the application was an easy one for everyone. ProcessMetric worked daily in the first 4 weeks of us signing up to customize the app to our immediate needs. Since then, they have been available for all our requests, receptive to our needs and flexible in adapting to them.


Once, we had someone who accidentally deleted all the lists and they were able to retrieve them in a matter of a 1-2 hours!


What can you do now that you couldn’t before?

Developing Forms:

In our old setup, we would need developers to develop new forms.

Now, anyone with some training can develop forms by establishing lists and customizing the layout of the forms using drag & drop. The capability is in the hands of a business analyst. We were able to develop 25 forms, build up those new forms, work with the stakeholders, come up with improvements & roll them back out. 

Employee management:

Our prior system was strictly focused on orders. 

Now, we have the capability to requisition jobs, hire and on board new employees as well as manage things like vacation requests with employees.

Workflow capability:

Our prior system only allowed single-threaded workflow (one person to the next, to the next)

Now, we have the ability for people to copy other people in even when there is still one person accountable for the form. We were able to get out of the back and forth e-mail cycle where some people got left out or missed parts of the conversation. 


Who would you recommend ProcessMetric to?

It’s really great for businesses who need to communicate with employees, customers or vendors and don’t have standard communication mechanisms in place to organize information, give people visibility and archive & retrieve information as needed. They have tiered pricing where you can start off free if you're a small business. It does take someone in the business to pull it together and get people to start utilizing the forms.

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