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Customer and Form Lists

Lists are used to populate field types such as Drop Down and Radio Button.  They can present the user with a pre-determined list of plain-language choices that map to specific values, by language if you choose.  It allows users to select information in a way that makes sense to them. 

For instance, imagine an expense report eForm.  In the image above, we define a list that includes two types of expenses: mileage and meals. Each of those values maps to a code in the General Ledger. 


ProcessMetric contains two types of lists:

Company Lists

Company Lists are lists that are shared across multiple eForms.  As an example, lists of General Ledger accounts or Sales Territories may be used by multiple eForms.  Company Lists make it so that you don’t have to re-enter lists multiple times and ensures that all of your eForms use the most up-to-date lists.



Form Lists


Form lists are limited to a single eForm.  For lists that don’t need to be shared by multiple eForms, it is best to create the list here.  The list works exactly the same way that a company list does, except it won’t be available to choose from on other eForms.






Actions Menu


The action menu shown to the left is how you can create, delete and save your lists. 

To delete a list, ensure that the list is checked on the list editor panel.  See the image above for an example – the Travel Expense Categories list is selected.  Pressing  “Delete List” will on the Actions menu will delete that list.


IMPORTANT:  If you add, change or delete a list, you need to also press Save on the Action Menu to commit your changes!

Add the List to an eForm


1) Open the Form Layout

2) Create a field that will use the list  



3) Change the Control Type to Drop-Down or Radio Button

4) Select the list name you created.  For example, in the Expense Report eForm, we selected Travel Expense Categories to the right).


Try out your eForm

That’s it!  The image on the left shows that the user sees when they use this eForm!

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